Frequently asked questions

Can I self-refer?

  • The answer is "yes" and "no."  You must have a professional referral. (Social Worker, Doctor's Office, Clergy etc.). We will work with you, however, if you contact us directly and help you arrange for a medical referral.

If we wish to apply for assistance will you disqualify us because of family income?

  • We have no means test, if you are financially stressed we will help. The key is "financially stressed" and if this is your case we will help.

Can I request assistance from your fund if I'm receiving help from other Government Programs?

  • No, with the exception those receiving Employment Insurance or Disability Payments, Our assistance is targeted to families who have no other programs to rely on.

How quickly will I be approved?

  • We respond quickly, with very little red-tape. Approval is usually within a few hours of your request. We can respond to emergencies quickly but only if referred by a professional, which is a non-problem as professions are always involved when you are going through a medical crisis.

Can we apply for help with expenses incurred in the past?

  • No, we do not help retroactively, clients must be approved before assistance is disbursed.

Is an application for assistance necessary and do I have to provide all the information you request on the application?

  • Yes, we must have a signed application with two signatures; one, requesting help; two authorizing us to talk with medical professionals concerning your assistance. Without this we are prevented from assisting due to confidentiality laws.

How do I get reimbursed for expenses?

  • Except in negotiated cases, We expect clients to pay up front then be reimbursed. We can, however, arrange direct payment with many of the organizations we work with so clients are not entirely out-of-pocket.

Are receipts necessary to support my claim?

  • For travel within the three Maritime Provinces we have a standard per-Diem rate which only requires two types of proof of travel (i.e receipts for highway tolls, parking at the hospital etc plus a letter from the Doctor or Hospital saying you were there). For all other travel and other kinds of assistance original receipts are required ans we will tell you before you incur these expenses what part we can pay.

When we require frequent travel, do we need to tell you before we travel each time?

  • Technically no, but we appreciated a heads-up when you have a confirmed travel date for internal cash flow considerations.

Can I email or fax you the receipts?

  • No, we must have original receipts, emailed, photocopied or faxed receipts are unacceptable to our auditors or Revenue Canada.

Do you assist with Home or Vehicle renovations?

  • No, these types of expenses are outside our financial reach.


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