lions sick children's fund | le fonds des lions pour enfants malades

No Hero Should Fight Alone.

We help keep parents at their sick child's side while they fight illness.

Aucun héros ne devrait se battre seul.

Nous aidons à maintenir les parents au chevet de leur enfant malade, pendant qu’ils combattent la maladie.


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What's happening at the Fund:

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How Your Donations Make a Difference:

Helps ease a family's financial stress while on the journey to a cure for their sick child. As of Aug 14, 2019 this is what you have accomplished:


million disbursed in family assistance

When we accept a family, we guarantee them a minimum in assistance as required. Some families require more while others require a little. We are here for all.


New Brunswick communities impacted

We assist families in Albert, Westmorland and Kent Counties. And limited assistance to other areas of the province. 


families Impacted since March of 2001

We assist any family in need and are here to help those families that have no other means of support.

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Read about the positive impact your donations are having:

"In our journey it is surprising to see how these
little beings just continue fighting and smiling regardless of
the pain......I thank God everyday to have the chance
to continue knowing such a wonderful little miracle.... Maybe
one day all of you at the Sick Children's Fund can get
to meet her too!!!"

Every Sick Child Has A Hero Inside.

The Heroes' Team

Doctors - Care that Never Quits

Social Workers – Dreaming Big for Those Who Can’t

Nurses – One of the few blessings of being ill.

Parents - Looking to the future

Sick Kids Fund – Help that Matters

Donors & Fundraisers – Lifting up with hands that help

Sponsors – Spread the message that Children are important

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Our Programs

travel assistance

  • For medically referred travel out-of-town

Prescription Drug assistance

  • For Prescribed Drugs (Some restrictions apply)

medical equipment assistance

  • For medically prescribed medical equipment

Other Types of medical assistance

  • If it's medical, call us and we can discuss it 

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You will positively impact families enduring medical stress. Six $20 donations will send a family to IWK for the day.

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